Roadster Women Black Sneakers 1779845 RDQBIQV

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A pair of a href=lack?src=pd class=seolink black a href=sneakers?src=pd class=seolink sneakers , has a href=regular?src=pd class=seolink regular styling and lace-up detailr a href=synthetic?src=pd class=seolink Synthetic a href=leather?src=pd class=seolink Leather upperr Cushioned footbedr Textured and patterned outsoler Warranty: a href=3?src=pd class=seolink monthsr Warranty provided by Brand Owner Manufacturer

Material & Care:

Synthetic Leather

Wipe with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust

Do not wash with detergent or in washing machine

Roadster Women Black Sneakers 1779845 RDQBIQV

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